Tool Tip - Size Table

  • FUEL EFFICIENCY Lower Rolling Resistance saves fuel. The values A to E indicate the effect on fuel consumption from low to high respectively. The difference between an ! and E rating could mean a reduction of fuel consumption of up to 7.5% for passenger car tyres.
  • WET GRIP In the category 'Grip on a wet road surface', the classification A to E indicates the relative braking distance respectively from short to long on a wet road surface. A set of A-rated tyres will brake up to 18 metres shorter than a set of E-rated tyres.
  • NOISE RATING The exterior Noise level is measured in dB, divided into three classes, ranging from A to C, whereas A stands for low-Noise and C for high Noise pollution for the environment. NB: External Noise does not fully correlate with the interior noise of the vehicle.
  • SNOW GRIP If applicable, the ‘Three Peak Mountain Snowflake’ symbol (also referred to as 3PMSF) indicates that the product has been classified as a tyre for the use in severe snow conditions in accordance with strict European legislations (R117). All Vredestein winter and all-season tyres show the 3PMSF marking.
  • ICE GRIP Tyres with Ice Grip classification are specifically designed for driving on roads with ice and packed snow and may only be used in extreme weather circumstances.


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