Design Thinking


Truly great design is about the ability to be timeless, to reimagine the ordinary into something incredible. Our approach to design is about elevating the everyday and welcoming our users to experience the future of high-performance, elegant tyre innovation.

Design has been a cornerstone of our brand since our establishment over a century ago. The ability of our tyres to exceed expectations in both style and substance is our signature, and our passion to elevate our tyres to the next level of safety, style and comfort continues to drive our dedication to design excellence.

Our Design Partners:

Our partnership with master Italian automotive designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro, in 1999 marked a milestone in design for our brand. A milestone which welcomed in a new era of design excellence for Vredestein as our collaboration with Giugiaro allowed us to refine our products to amplify the quality and performance of every tyre.

Designing a highly functional tyre with sleek, elegant tread and sidewalls, and creating an essential vehicle component capable of providing superior performance. Performance which remains unmatched, even in demanding conditions and surfaces. Producing a tyre worthy of its name, the Ultrac Vorti, inspired by the power of vortex air flows encapsulating the immense speeds and force this tyre can master.

The Coachbuilding Renaissance:

Heritage in design is who we are. We are inspired by the traditions of the past and how we can reimagine them to work for the world of today. A value which inspired our collaboration with world renowned coachbuilder, Niels van Roij Design, as we stepped into the future of sophisticated, technology-driven design. Producing results which were as optimal in performance as they were in aesthetic, as tradition and innovation came together in synergy.

The Future of Vredestein Design:

Our commitments to research and development have enabled us to remain at the forefront of pioneering tyre technology for over 110 years. We understand the importance of observing the needs of today to identify the opportunities of tomorrow, and our continued investment in R&D is what ensures we can continue to define our own path in innovation. Engineering the trends of the future and setting the pace for the tyre industry in the pursuit of the perfect driving experience with every new design.


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