Apollo Vredestein introduces nine new sizes to its renowned Vredestein Traxion85 tyre range.

With its characteristic curved lugs that follow the Traxion family concept, the Traxion85 combines traction and comfort with a long life. All sizes are A8/B marked (50 km/h). The Traxion85 range will be extended with seven sizes ranging from 30 to 50 inches and two standard sizes. This will complete the range and satisfy the growing demand for Vredestein tyres in this popular all-round segment.

The new rear sizes 480/80 R 42, 480/80 R 46, 520/85 R 46 and 480/80 R 50 are very popular in North America and Australia as both row crop and all-round tractor tyres. These sizes are often fitted as twins or even triples with their corresponding front sizes on high horsepower tractors. The new sizes also satisfy the growing demand in Europe for wider tyres on large sprayers in controlled traffic farming. They are preferred to narrow row crop tyres thanks to their large footprint, which is created by more width and a larger diameter.

The addition of these sizes means that Vredestein will be offering a complete portfolio of 80/85 series tyres for global use.







280/85 R 28

118 A8/B


380/85 R 30

135 A8/B


460/85 R 30

145 A8/B


380/85 R 34

137 A8/B


380/80 R 38

142 A8/B


480/80 R 42

156 A8/B


480/80 R 46

158 A8/B


520/85 R 46

158 A8/B


480/80 R 50

159 A8/B


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