Vredestein is starting a new campaign #LIVETHELAND.

Following the launch of its highly successful #ROCKTHEROAD campaign for car tyres, Apollo Vredestein is now aiming its communication at the agricultural sector to further strengthen the brand. Vredestein’s sales in this segment have already significantly increased in recent times, resulting in a production capacity expansion for agricultural tyres. The new #LIVETHELAND campaign is focused on performance and freedom for man and machine alike.

Feel the freedom. Experience the performance

The pay-off #LIVETHELAND represents the connection between farmers and their environment. The long lifespan of Vredestein tyres helps them achieve an optimal performance while the excellent performance results in increased productivity and lower costs. 

Vredestein’s new campaign is aimed at raising awareness of this fact. The sense of freedom and high performance levels are expressed in the pay-off ‘Feel the freedom. Experience the performance.’ in which the feeling of freedom is linked to farmers being able to make their own decisions as an independent entrepreneur – for example in the cultivation method and choice of which agricultural machinery is used – and enjoying country life and nature. Moreover, it explains how agricultural professionals can experience greater freedom thanks to the top performance of Vredestein tyres. These tyres save them time and money which they can then spend as they see fit, either in their private or professional life. 

The new campaign is currently being rolled out internationally.


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