Vredestein Cargo tyre

It’s finally there: World’s first dedicated micro-mobility tyre, the Vredestein Cargo. Developed specifically for electrically assisted cargo bikes used for urban deliveries. A game-changer, with a unique footprint, inspired by delivery van tyres and moped tyres. Find out what our Cargo Tyre can do for your business.



When developing the Cargo, we combined the knowledge from Passenger Car Tyres and Moped with our expertise in Compounds. The result is a truly Cargo-specific tyre. The tyre offers great advantages over a traditional tyre in many areas, such as a 47b load index and a mileage of over 8.000 kms and therefore unique in its kind.” The Vredestein Cargo is currently available in one size, with a 20-inch (508mm) diameter and 2.2-inch (55 mm) width. Size expansions are under development.

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Features & benefits


Feature 1 image Feature 1

Bigger contact surface

Due to the unique cavity design, the tyre has a flatter, hence bigger contact surface and ensures the best braking and cornering stability..

Feature 2 image Feature 2

Stronger sidewall


The tyre is made with a dual layer, bead-to-bead Carcass construction, which provides better sidewall stability.

Feature 3 image Feature 3

More structural integrity

To further strengthen the tyre we have incorporated an apex around the bead area, which reaches into the lower third of the sidewall, helping with impact resistance.


Feature 4 image Feature 4

Bi-directional tread design

Other than ordinary tyres, the Cargo features a bi-directional tread design. So, in case a spare tyre is carried, it can be mounted on either side of the vehicle.

Feature 5 image Feature 5

 Longer life


Thanks to the wider footprint and fit for purpose rubber compound, the tyre can stay on the road for longer, maximizing up-time.

Feature 6 image Feature 6

A cargo specific tyre

This tyre has been developed as a fit for purpose product to cope with most challenges of everyday use.




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One of its kind


With the birth of the cargo tyre we opened a new path for Light Electric Vehicles. With this cargo specific tyre you are able to minimize costs and maximize usability.



Last Mile Logistics

The tyre has been designed to withstand high lateral forces and stress. With a 47b load Index it will perform comfortable and safely in everyday situations.

Light Electric Vehicles

As far as passenger vehicles are concerned, the tyre will provide an increased overall ride sensation, with better cornering stability, comfort, and braking performance.

Environmentally friendly

This tyre will help to increase the number of small electric vehicles in urban and sub-urban territories. Making this world a greener place.



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