Apollo Tyres Ltd to commence proactive inspection and recall of tyres in selected markets

Apollo Tyres Ltd is initiating a proactive recall of 4,300 tyres supplied to its distributor partners in Europe (3,540 units), Turkey (266 units), the USA (194 units), and the United Arab Emirates (26 units).  The remainder is still in our own warehouses. This encompasses 28 different passenger car product lines, under both the Apollo Tyres and Vredestein brands.

As part of its procedural quality control processes, Apollo Tyres identified that a contaminated tyre compound was used during a single week of production at its manufacturing facility in Gyöngyöshalász, Hungary. In total, 4,300 tyres contain the affected compound, though out of an abundance of caution the company will be inspecting 55,000 tyres that were produced during the relevant week.

Initial indoor testing suggests the contaminated compound may cause steel belts to separate over time.  The company is currently unaware of any safety incidents involving these tyres.

Apollo Tyres is notifying appropriate authorities in all of the relevant markets, and it is now actively finalising the details of the inspection and recall process, taking steps to minimise inconvenience for its distributor partners, tyre retailers and end users. Further details about this programme will be communicated in the coming days.

On this page you can find the most recent document relating to this recall operation


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