11 18,2022


As consumer preference for electric vehicles grows, the demand for tyres dedicated to EVs has increased as well. Around 50% of European EV car owners would prefer a tyre specifically designed for the demands of electric vehicles. At the same time, globally, it is estimated that 10% of all vehicles on the road will be electric by 2028 and 31% by 2040, respectively!

A tyre dedicated to electric vehicles

You may think, a tyre is just a tyre. Black and round, right? Yet, there are many different types of tyres that are dedicated to your specific needs, your vehicle and your driving style. To begin with, for passenger cars there are summer-, winter-, and all-season tyres. But also high-performance tyres, racing tyres, tyres for commercial vehicles and so on. And now, with Vredestein being the first to introduce, there are also all-season tyres dedicated to fully electric (BEV) and hybrid (PHEV) vehicles. So, what makes these tyres different from “regular” all-season tyres like the Quatrac and Quatrac Pro?


Electric vehicles are known to weigh much more than their fossil-fueled variants. All these weight presses on the only component of your car that is in contact with the road: its tyres. Especially while cornering and braking, the forces on the tyres caused by the vehicle weight are way stronger, hence the tyre should have a more solid construction and a stiffer tread design. This significantly improves handling performance and stability while cornering compared to regular tyres.


Electric vehicles make almost no engine sound, causing you to hear the sound of your tyres even more. Tyres dedicated to electric and hybrid vehicles are developed to make less internal noise yet maintaining the same safety and performance standards as regular tyres.


Compared to fossil-fueled vehicles, electric vehicles have more torque straight from the beginning of your acceleration. This causes a tyre to wear faster. A tyre dedicated for electric vehicles are made of dedicated compound materials to compensate for this faster wear.


Everyone knows the struggle of limited range on electric vehicles. Tyres dedicated to electric vehicles have been specifically developed to cause less rolling resistance, hence extend the range of your car.


Quatrac Pro EV

Amongst the world’s first brands introducing an all-season tyre, and all-season pioneer since 1993, Vredestein’s latest product, Quatrac Pro EV, is Europe's first all-season tyre dedicated to electric vehicles.


Benefits & Features

• Extended range on electric and hybrid vehicles

• Designed for heavier EVs: 6% better handling and improved stability while cornering

• No compromise on safety in any weather condition

• 15% Lower rolling resistance due to advanced compound materials

• Higher belt and tread stiffness; asymmetric tread design features

• Severe snow certified – 3PMSF symbol

• 4% better dry braking


The Quatrac range

Vredestein was one of the first brands to introduce all-season tyres since its foundation, and from there on, has achieved significant developments, especially with the Quatrac range. Many Quatrac tyres pioneered their innovations, with the greatest examples being Quatrac 3, winning the title of "World’s first all-season tyre with ‘RunFlat’ technology," Quatrac 5 as "World’s first all-season tyre with Y speed rating," and the most recent, Quatrac Pro, which was announced as "The first all-season tyre fully dedicated to the UHP/UUHP segment". With its new product, Quatrac Pro EV, Vredestein is aiming even higher to win more awards in the upcoming years!

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