Next-generation UHP summer tyre enhances driving precision Dutch/Italian car design is superbly blended with Dutch tyre-making heritage and Italian tyre design flair on the awesome new Breadvan Hommage. This striking coach-built car is the ideal vehicle to showcase Vredestein’s latest entry into the high-performance summer tyre market. Created in partnership with ItalDesign, the Ultrac Vorti+ takes control and precision to new heights.

Showcasing a thrilling modern take on a legendary vehicle, Niels van Roij Design in the Netherlands styled the interior and exterior of the Breadvan Hommage and oversaw its construction. The company has previously partnered with Vredestein on other bespoke projects such as the shooting brake car based on the Tesla Model S, one of the highlights of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

Eye for detail

“Based on an Italian V12 coupe, the new Breadvan Hommage showcases what can be achieved by a designer like Niels who has an excellent eye for detail,” says Patrick Bosmann, Brand & Design Manager Europe at Apollo Vredestein. “With custom coachbuilding, everything is totally bespoke and the fact that Vredestein tyres have been chosen to fit on the wheels – a vital area in terms of visual appearance as well as performance – speaks volumes for the quality and aesthetic offered by our products.

“It also underlines the fact that design is a key element for the Vredestein brand, hence our longstanding partnership with ItalDesign. Our premium styling concept and high-quality products have led a wide range of power and styling specialists to entrust their prize assets to Vredestein and the Breadvan Hommage may well be the pinnacle to date.” 

Premium styling

The Ultrac Vorti+ summer tyre fitted to the Breadvan Hommage – in size 235/35 ZR20 (front) and 285/30 ZR20 (rear) - is the latest upgrade to the successful Ultrac Vorti range, launched by Vredestein in 2013 for UHP supercar owners. Drawn by the master Giorgetto Giugiaro himself and the winner of many independent awards in the leading European tyre tests, the Ultrac Vorti can be optimised for front and rear axles. Its carefully composed tread compound handles an extensive range of temperatures, facilitating a high level of control, even at high speeds.

The owner of the Breadvan Hommage will also enjoy other premium styling properties of the Ultrac Vorti+ such as a precise and responsive performance (especially when cornering), superior wet & dry braking, lower fuel consumption, direct & predictable steering precision and an extended tyre life.

Performance meets design

“Having worked so well with Vredestein on some of my previous projects I knew that the tyres of the Breadvan Hommage had to leverage on the company’s unrivalled ability to blend performance with design,” comments Niels van Roij. “Extraordinary looking vehicles must be extraordinary to drive and tyres have a key role to play in this. That is why I insist on fitting ultimate performance tyres that meet premium quality standards and have an exquisite aesthetic. The fact that Vredestein tyres like the Ultrac Vorti were developed together with ItalDesign ensures the perfect marriage of Dutch tyre-manufacturing heritage and inimitable Italian flair.”

New original

Transforming the essence of a legendary car into a contemporary design is a complex process that requires Niels and his team to be inspired by the original but not limited in their creativity. The Breadvan Hommage is a new original that was first drawn by hand, then transformed into a variety of high res renderings for development into the clay model. A custom framework of steel compound curves was installed on the base car, to which the clay was directly applied.

The body panels of the Breadvan Hommage were hand-beaten in aluminium by coachbuilder Bas van Roomen and the car also features a handmade interior. The iconic outline of the exterior design has been embroidered into the blue Alcantara carbon fibre seats and an embroidered Italian flag in the corner of the aluminium element highlights the roots of the vehicle.

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