Vredestein presents its latest racing tyre, the Superpasso


High-performance all-round racing tyre designed by Frascoli Design

Vredestein is very proud to introduce a new, high-performance all-round road bike tyre at the start of the new cycling season: The Superpasso. This new Tricomp road tyre combines superior aesthetics with low rolling resistance and excellent grip. The Superpasso is tailored to modern, wider rim profiles (19 mm) and thus offers a realistic tyre width. Hence it is always clear whether the tyre fits the frame well or not. The Superpasso is suitable for both training and competition purposes and is available as tube type and tubeless ready in these size ranges; 23, 25, 28 and 32 mm. The Dutch continental cycling formation BEAT Cycling will be the first team this year to compete in its road races on the new Superpasso.


Mountain pass

Developed in close collaboration with Italian designer Rodolfo Frascoli, the tyre's name and appearance are inspired by rugged Italian mountain passes with ever-changing climbs and descents. The light 150 TPI carcass of the Superpasso ensures smooth rolling behavior and provides extra comfort, especially on the flats and uphill. Then, when the descending begins, the Tri-Comp technology provides the rider with instant feedback, lots of grip and a comforting feeling of control when braking and cornering. The good puncture protection properties make the tyre a real all-rounder, which has been tested under all weather conditions and therefore does not lose any of its performance capabilities, no matter the weather and road conditions.


Tyre compound: Tricomp technology

When developing the Superpasso rubber compound, the Tricomp technology was used, which is characterized by using different compounds in the center and shoulder section of the tyre profile. This provides better grip and handling in varied weather conditions in comparison with single or duo compound tyres. Vredestein acquired the knowledge and experience of mixing and processing silica from, among others, the company's automotive division (which is part of the multinational Apollo Tyres Ltd.) and was the first brand to introduce this technology to cycling.



The Superpasso has an advanced Sportex Protection Layer (SPL). As a result, the risk of punctures is significantly lower than with a normal racing tyre. The tyre remains flexible and light. The Superpasso TLR (Tubeless Ready) can be made preventively puncture-proof with the help of Vredestein Tyre Sealant, a liquid latex. This combination offers three main benefits; - the tyre can be ridden with lower tyre pressure, and therefore providing more comfort and grip. - Since no inner tube is fitted, the rolling resistance decreases significantly, since most of the rolling resistance is caused by the friction between the inner tube and the tyre, while saving an additional 20 grams per wheel. - In addition, the tyre is “puncture-proof”, since the Vredestein tyre sealant seals the tyre when pierced by e.g. a rock or a thorn. A last, practical feature is the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI), which helps recognizing when the tyre is worn out and needs to be replaced.


About Frascoli Design

Italian designer Rodolfo Frascoli is the founder of Frascoli Design and worked closely with Vredestein engineers when developing the Superpasso. Frascoli has successfully designed motorcycles and scooters for global brands such as Triumph, Suzuki, Yamaha, Moto Guzzi, Vespa and Aprilia. When we asked him to design a bicycle tyre, he accepted the challenge with passion and created our "Superpasso", which once again shows why he is one of the most important designers in the world of two-wheelers and mobility.


About Vredestein and Apollo Tyres Europe

Apollo Tyres Europe is part of the Indian Apollo Tyres Ltd. Apollo Tyres is a multinational company with branches and production sites in India, South Africa and the Netherlands, just to name a few. It is a young, ambitious and dynamic organization, that is proud of its unique identity. Apollo Tyres Europe develops, produces and sells high-quality tyres under the Vredestein brand. This is possible thanks to an extensive, international network of our own branches in Europe and North America. The Vredestein brand has existed for more than 110 years and has developed into a premium brand in the tyre industry over the years. Under this brand name, we sell tyres for cars, tyres for agricultural and industrial applications, and tyres for two-wheelers.





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