Vredestein name-giver of Cycling Zandvoort

Vredestein Cycling Zandvoort is the new name of a weekend full of cycling fun at Circuit Zandvoort. This has been agreed by Apollo Tyres, the parent company of Vredestein and Exventure Sports & Events; the organization of Cycling Zandvoort. The backbone of this weekend is the 24 hour cycling race on the infamous F1 race circuit. Teams, focusses on performance or purely recreational, will try to cover as much distance as possible in 24 hours in relay form. Soloriders will also be allowed, there will be a gravel race, a 6-hour event and a lot more cycling activities.

Vredestein has many similarities with Circuit Zandvoort. Both have a rich Dutch history, but are also very actual, contemporary and internationally oriented. As one of the oldest tire brands in the world, Vredestein can fall back on extensive experience, but at the same time it is fully committed to R&D and innovation when it comes to its products. Cycling Zandvoort is an excellent opportunity for the brand to further acquaint its target group with Vredestein bicycle products, on and off road.

Thomas Mittendorff, Cluster Manager Two Wheel Tires at Apollo Tires about the collaboration: 'Vredestein Cycling Zandvoort is a wonderful cycling event, where people can experience cycling in all its aspects. The attractive location appeals to the imagination, which makes it a unique occurence! We are looking forward to experiencing a great weekend here with customers, both end consumers and business to business, in which our products play central role and where performance and fun meet.”

Exventure Sports & Events is also enthusiastic, director Alex Schuttert states: 'It is very nice to experience that our hard work on Cycling Zandvoort has been noticed in recent years. It is a fantastic event at perhaps the most appealing location in the Netherlands. Who wouldn't want to ride her of his bicycle on the Formula 1 asphalt? With Vredestein, we have an ambitious partner on board with whom we can further expand this success formula."

Vredestein Cycling Zandvoort will be held on 11 and 12 June 2022. The registration form and more information can be found at www.cyclingzandvoort.nl.

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