In addition to continuously working on the very best products, we also really love cycling. These are important reasons for us to invest in the sport. We measure how our products perform at the highest level and use the feedback of the riders and mechanics to push our product development to the next phase to get those few extra percentages that make the difference. We have been doing this for years and are proud of the many successes from athletes that have won top-level races on our tyres throughout the years. It all started with the renowned "Locomotive-Vredestein" cycling team and since then many great cyclists and mountain bikers who have been performing at the highest professional level on our tyres. We are proud of this and continue to support athletes on their way to further improvement and success.

Teams that we currently support are:

- Team Riwal-Securitas (pro-continental)

- Adria Mobil (continental)

- Vredestein Basso (continental)

- Metec cycling team (continental)


Besides sponsoring cycling teams, we are also proud to be an official partner of the KNWU. This way we stimulate the sport we love so much and can support cyclists on all levels.

Through these collaborations it is possible for the teams to perform, we stimulate cycling in general and in return we receive valuable information about the performance of our tyres. In this way, everyone can perform at their own level and enjoy the freedom that comes with cycling. 

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