Vredestein is a household name in the bicycle industry and an authority in tyres for two-wheelers, cars and agricultural and industrial applications. Such a status is not achieved overnight but is based on a long history.


The Dutch brand has a long and rich history, especially when it comes to bicycle tyres. The first tyres were produced in the early 20th century - in 1909 to be precise - along with a wide range of other rubber products, such as shoe heels, tennis balls, mattresses, boots and more. In 1946, the 10 millionth bicycle tyre rolled off the assembly line!

Over the years, Vredestein bicycle tyres have always been used at the highest levels of racing. Jan Janssen, the first Dutch Tour de France winner in 1968, started his career as a young man with the famous "Locomotive - Vredestein" team. And there are countless more examples of victories in top races around the world achieved by champions on Vredestein tyres. Not only in road racing, but also in MTB racing. It is these achievements that stimulate us to continuously provide pro riders and cycling enthusiasts with the best tyres.

Many different bicycle brands are also fitted with our tyres: Vredestein premium bicycle tyres provide safety and performance at all levels for racing bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, city bikes and e-bikes. We are continuously developing new products that will ensure that cyclists around the world can hit the road!


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