Best of both worlds: Lightweight and durability combined in one single tyre

Lightweight racing tyres offer many advantages, such as higher speed, more grip and comfort and lower rolling resistance. However, a well-known downside of light tyres is an increased risk of punctures due to the economizing on the anti-puncture material. This material is less flexible and therefore less interesting to use for a high-performance racing tyre. Vredestein’s developers, therefore, set themselves the task of making a fast, lightweight, durable high-performance road tyre with a reliable puncture protection.


The Fortezza Duralite fully satisfies these requirements: it is no less than 18% lighter than standard racing tyres (195 grams in 25-622), while also featuring a Sportex Protection Layer (SPL). This offers all the advantages of a lightweight high-performance tyre while maintaining the reduced risk of punctures of a heavier tyre. The lower rolling resistance and enhanced grip are due to the 150 TPI carcass, combined with a new and durable compound which ensures a longer lifespan. In addition, its elliptical contour gives the Fortezza Duralite optimal aerodynamic characteristics. In short, this Fortezza Duralite tyre is light and fast while lasting longer than comparable tyres so you can enjoy and focus on your ride!

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