E-bikes are different than ordinary bicycles, they are heavier and are ridden at higher speed. Therefore, these tyres are exposed to higher stress and impact and thus need specific characteristics. Vredestein’s e-bike tyres are exceptionally well-balanced. Because the compounds were developed based on our expertise in car tyre technology where heavy loads, stress and impact are more common. Our e-bike tyres are ECE-R75 certified and suitable for speeds of up to 50 km/h.

Extra anti-puncture layer

The Vredestein Perfect E-Power (heavier e-bikes) and Perfect xtreme (commuting and touring) are the most popular Vredestein tyres for e-bikes. Both are equipped with an extra 3 mm anti-puncture layer that provide the superior protection you need, in order to have confidence whilst riding your bike.

Safety in all weather conditions

Every cyclist knows that when the weather conditions change, you can lose a bit of your confidence, especially when riding your bicycle in rain or snow. To give you the control you need Vredestein developed the Perfect 4 seasons tyre, that offers you superb grip in all weather conditions, even heavy rain and snow. Next to the outstanding grip under all circumstances, the Perfect 4 seasons has a superior puncture protection to make every ride a great and safe ride.

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