All-season with a big +

Pioneering 30 Years of Excellence


With three decades of relentless innovation, we stand as all-season mastery leaders. Tailored for high-performance cars, our tyres set the gold standard for excellence on dry, wet, and snowy roads. Unmatched grip, control, and safety, driven by cutting-edge technology, define a legacy of conquering challenges. Choose champion tyres – 30 years of exceptional performance and safety, empowering you on any road, in any weather!

Side view of a Quatrac Pro + tyre, next to four symbols representing the seasons (a snowflake, a cloud with raindrops, a sun and a four-leaf clover)



All-season with a big +

Best-in-class wet roads - Strong water evacuation against aquaplaning.

Upgraded snow performance - 5% better on snow grip and acceleration.

Improved fuel efficiency - 5% improved rolling resistance.

Side view of car with snowy mountain backdrop and visible tyre.

Elevate your safety

Navigate light to moderate snow worry-free. Upgraded 5% snow grip & acceleration over existing. Enjoy enhanced snow & slush control with about 10% improved steering response, stability, and recovery.

Partial side and front view of tyre with 'Quatrac Pro+' visible, with a plus symbol showing a rainy road in the bottom right corner.

Precision Grip

Leading wet-road performance: superior aquaplaning defence and unrivalled grip. Our tailored compound maintains exceptional traction across diverse temperatures.

Side view of car featuring 'Quatrac Pro +' on the tyre, with a plus symbol displaying a gas pump icon in the bottom right corner.

Efficiency Redefined

Upgrade for fuel efficiency: Innovative rubber compounds slash rolling resistance by 5%, promoting both eco-friendliness and cost savings in your travels.

Side view of car featuring 'Quatrac Pro +' on the tyre, with a plus symbol displaying a gas pump icon in the bottom right corner.

It is not just a black circle!

Beyond a black circle, our tyre embodies intricate science. Our testament to innovation on the road makes Vredestein Quatrac Pro + all-season tyres unique. 

  • Build on 30 years of All-Season experience
  • Widest range of All-Season tyres in the market
  • Specially designed for high-performance Cars & SUVs

Blue background displaying a tyre timeline: alternating rows of tyres moving up and down. Above, the text reads '30 years of all-season expertise'.


30 years' all-season expertise, widest all-season tyre range.

High performance in all weather conditions