Vredestein Superpasso

Vredestein Superpasso, our latest road tyre. It is a completely new designed high performance, all-round folding tyre. The TriComp technology in combination with supreme aesthetics and strong puncture protection result in this cutting-edge performance tyre that provides great feedback to its riders. With the help of Frascoli Design, we believe to have created the perfect all-round high performance road tyre for all types of riders.





When developing the Superpasso, we were inspired by climbing winding, scenic mountain roads, sharps hairpins and having complete control while descending. 
No matter, if you are competing in a race or fighting the elements on your own, the low rolling resistance, high comfort and outstanding grip of our compound gives you confidence in all weather conditions.  


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The Superpasso is a high performance all-round foldable tyre with many features that suit all types of riders. The 150 TPI carcass provides a supple tyre with low rolling resistance and high comfort while riding. The TriComp technology, with a balanced combination of compounds on the tread and the sidewalls gives you the confidence that you can expect from a premium race tyre: evenly wear, fast cornering, strong puncture protection and maximum grip in wet and dry weather conditions. The tyre has an advanced Sportex Protection Layer (SPL). As a result, the risk of punctures is significantly lower than with a normal racing tyre. The tyre remains flexible and light.






The Superpasso tyre comes in a Tubeless Ready (TLR) and a Tube Type version. The TLR version can be made preventively puncture-proof with the help of Vredestein Tyre Sealant. This combination offers three main benefits; – the tyre can be ridden with lower tyre pressure, and therefore providing more comfort and grip. – Since no inner tube is fitted, the rolling resistance decreases significantly, since most of the rolling resistance is caused by the friction between the inner tube and the tyre, while saving an additional 20 grams per wheel. – In addition, the tyre is “puncture-proof”, since the Vredestein tyre sealant seals the tyre when pierced by e.g. a rock or a thorn.







A helpful feature is the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) that helps you recognize when the tyre is worn and when it needs to be replaced. The Vredestein Superpasso is designed to match the latest, wider rim profiles(19mm), ensuring a more realistic tyre width so you always know if the tyre will fit your frame. The Superpasso is available in both tube type and tubeless ready in the sizes 23, 25, 28, 32mm.





Features and Benefits


Feature 1 image Feature 1
Feature 1 image Feature 1

TriComp Technology

For exceptional grip in dry and wet conditions.

Thread Wear Indicator Thread Wear Indicator
Feature 2 image Feature 2

Tread Wear Indicator

For an indication of wear and conveniently see if a replacement is needed.

150 TPI casing 150 TPI casing
Feature 3 image Feature 3

150 TPI casing

For exceptional grip, low rolling resistance and durability.

Sportex Protection Layer Sportex Protection Layer
Feature 4 image Feature 4

Sportex Protection Layer

Significant less chance on a flat due to the flexible and lightweight Sportex Protection Layer.

Tubeless Ready Tubeless Ready
Feature 3 image Feature 3

Tubeless Ready

No inner tube and with tyre sealant for a light setup, no pinch flats, more grip and comfort.






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