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Lightweight and durability just became close friends

Lightweight racing tyres offer many advantages, such as more speed, grip and comfort, and lower rolling resistance. However, a well-known downside of light tyres is an increased risk of punctures due to the economising on the anti-puncture material. Vredestein’s developers, therefore, set themselves the task of making a lightweight, durable high-performance road tyre with solid puncture protection.

Fortezza Duralite

The Fortezza Duralite fully satisfies these requirements: it is no less than 18% lighter than standard racing tyres (195 grams in 25-622), while also featuring a Sportex Protection Layer (SPL). This offers all the advantages of a lightweight high-performance tyre while maintaining the reduced risk of punctures of a heavier version. The lower rolling resistance and enhanced grip are due to the 150 TPI carcass, combined with a new and durable compound which ensures a longer lifespan. In addition, its elliptical contour gives the Fortezza Duralite optimal aerodynamic properties. In short, this model is light and fast while lasting longer than comparable tyres