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Technology based on design. This is Vredestein.

At Vredestein we have a clear vision on how a tyre should look. This is why we have had a partnership with the famous Italian design agency Giugiaro since 1997 and why we also devote so much attention in-house to the tread design and sidewalls of our tyres.

The hand of the master

What does Giugiaro design add to Vredestein tyres? It symbolises our attention to detail and commitment to setting ourselves apart from the crowd. These are qualities that are reflected both in the technology of the tyres and in their design. Giugiaro’s unique signature underscores our distinctive character. And the Italian design always takes shape in close cooperation with engineers from the Vredestein R&D Centre: form follows function.


Premium Styling partners

We have cooperated with a number of Premium Styling partners over the years. At international car shows we sometimes have joint exhibition stands, where a leading role is given to Vredestein’s Ultra High Performance tyres fitted on cars by premium stylers such as Lumma Design, Hamann and Mansory. Vredestein supplies unique tyre sizes, giving these stylers – and carmakers – more freedom to design new concepts.